Cooperation with medical organizations

Our company forms part of society and participates actively in initiatives addressed to its improvement. We have the possibility of doing this in the medical-scientific sphere and that is just what we do.

We have begun a cooperation programme with the Eye Bank and the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre.

Article of the Barraquer journal on the work of the Eye Bank.

We also maintain this commitment with other organizations connected with medical research.
In short, we cooperate to convey the message that a life which has ended can help to save other lives.


Our principles:

  • Deep commitment to families at difficult times.
  • Constant spirit of improvement of our care and services.
  • Will to actively contribute to society and to life through the support of medical research and various institutions, such as the Eye Bank and the Blood and Tissues Bank.
  • Respect for the sustainability of the environment.
  • Floral services

  • Death notices I condolences