The repose of ashes

Whether it is the wish of the family or the express decision of the deceased, cremation is one of the options that is most often chosen today.

At PFB Funeral Services, we have a complete service that handles the whole process, from cremation to detailed expert advice on the storage, treatment or transport of ashes.

For the storage of ashes, we have all types of urns, including ecological and biodegradable units compliant with the regulations and the principles of environmental sustainability, so that one life can generate another.

If families wish to keep a special memento, among other items we have micro-urns, reliquaries and remembrance jewels – indeed, modern technology even provides the possibility of turning ashes into a diamond.

At PFB Funeral Services we have specific spaces for the interment of ashes, including columbaria and the Garden of Repose, which is an area especially conceived for this purpose in the beautiful natural setting of the coast mountains of the Serralada de Marina Park. We also offer the option of safeguarding ashes for as long as families so desire.

Likewise, at PFB we can arrange the transport of ashes to any place desired.