Reception service – Personalized advice

Our primary goal is to help families.

The death of a loved one causes great sadness and a feeling of emptiness.

PFB Funeral Services’ team is formed by experts in the management of the whole funeral process. We seek to accompany families in these difficult moments and to advise them on the steps to be taken.

Our specialization allows us to provide all the services involved in the funeral process, adapting them to each family’s needs and personalizing them to their wishes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like any further information.

At PFB we can provide highly professional services with the warm personalized care of a traditional funeral parlour.

  • Duly signed death certificate.
  • National Identity Document of the deceased.
  • Clothing in which to dress the deceased, if so desired.
  • Policy and last paid receipt if the deceased was covered by funeral insurance.
  • Ownership certificate of the niche, if any, where the decease is to be buried.
  • In the event that the deceased is to be transported away from Catalonia, two copies of the medical death certificate will be required.