Posthumous tribute: A very special remembrance ceremony

To say one’s last goodbye to a loved one is a necessity. For this reason, it is very important to have a suitable place and time for remembrance and for sharing with family and friends the experience of having lived at the deceased’s side.

The posthumous tribute is a celebration giving families the opportunity to say this last farewell in a personalized way that is suited to their wishes.

The ceremonies are held in the multi-confessional room, where the family and friends have the chance to read messages, recite poems and hear the music they like. The room is equipped with a screen for the projection of remembrance photographs and videos. Ceremonies may be hosted by an expert and, if it is wished to lend them a religious character, the presence of a priest may be arranged.

Music, poems, readings, silence.

There are many ways of saying farewell to a loved one. You can choose the one you deem most suitable. Whether secular or religious, it is a ceremony that provides an opportunity to pay tribute to the deceased, showing that all the loved ones continue to remember and esteem the person who has passed away.

PFB can also offer:

  • Floral farewell services (crowns, branches …)
  • Reminders
  • Details
  • Live music
  • Video editing photos