Bereavement care

The loss of a loved one arouses feelings and grief that are known as bereavement or mourning. When in mourning, we often feel so overwhelmed that we have difficulty following our everyday routine.

At one time or another, we all suffer the loss of a loved one. We can help you and guide you at such times.

To overcome bereavement, it is essential to be acquainted with it, to understand how it works and to know about its effects. For this reason we offer you the gift of a self-help publication entitled  “Déjame llorar, un apoyo a la pérdida” (Just let me weep – Support for your loss,), which is one of the books on hand in our library specialized in these matters.

What’s more, we offer free of charge a psychological care and bereavement follow-up programme for everyone who uses our services.

The bereavement follow-up may take the form of individual or group sessions. In the case of the latter, the Bereavement Workshop provides a space of mutual understanding and help among people sharing the same situation, with the support of two experts who explain ways of overcoming the most difficult moments. Additionally, our library on bereavement topics is at your disposal.